How to Cook a Perfect Meal With Your Indoor Grill

How To: Use Your Indoor Grill To Cook Your Perfect Meal

Cook a perfect meal with your favorite indoor grill for your friends and family. With the features of some unique indoor grills, you will be able to cook a delicious meal. If you are using indoor grill for the very first time, then these steps are going to help you get a perfect result. The first and foremost thing for an indoor grill is to preheat the grill first. Your food will never come out perfectly if you don’t preheat your grill. Let the grill preheated for 10 minutes. If it is hot enough, then put the food on the grill. For skillet style grills like Delonghi, George Foreman Indoor Outdoor Grill and West Bend 6111 you have to flip your food in the middle of cooking. On the other hand in clamshell style grills like Cuisinart, T-fal, Breville Smart Grill, you don’t have to flip the food. By their floating hinge, they will cook your food evenly on the both sides. Still if you have confusion, you can check your food in the half way of cooking.

Grilling Steaks on Indoor Grill

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If you want your steak to be done well and dark red on the inside, then cook your steak at the highest temperature. Some smart grills like T-fal OptiGrill give the option to choose how you want your meal (rare, medium or well-done). It also automatically decides the cooking time by the thickness of the food. Some clamshell style grills can be opened all the way flat so that you can use it as a skillet style grill and cook various kinds of foods at a time. These grills have grill plates and griddle plates with them. In one griddle plate, you can cook the meat for your hamburger. On the grill plate, you can cook vegetables and pancakes at a time. By doing so, you will be able to make breakfast for your family at a time.

Grilling vegetables on indoor grill

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If you want to use your contact grill as an open grill, then it is better to have one griddle plate and one grill plate. By this, you can cook eggs, pancakes, vegetables, bacon on the grill plate and the other plate, you can cook steak or burger patties. In some indoor grills, you can control the temperature of these two plates separately at the same time. Cuisnart GR-150 Griddler offers you this feature. By this grill, you can cook your steak on the griddle plate at a very high temperature so that your steak comes out perfectly. Again you can decrease the temperature of your grill plate so that your vegetables and pancakes don’t get burned. While cooking, keep the temperature to a medium range. It might take some extra time to cook your food. But there will be no possibility of burning output. For steaks or thick meats, keep the temperature high. Because these foods need to be cooked at a high temperature. Otherwise, your meat will be raw on the inside. By following these rules, you will have a delicious meal for your friends and family.

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