Secrets Revealed! How to get outdoor smoky barbecue flavors with a smokeless indoor grill?

Smokeless Indoor Grill

While using an indoor electric grill, most of us look for the awesome smoky flavors that naturally come when you grill with an outside grill. Foods that are grilled with an outdoor grill always have a special; taste and smoky wooden aroma which we miss on indoor grills. I’m going to share few secrets that can easily bring you those flavors with an indoor grill.

Indoor Grill: A good indoor grill is the first thing you need! Find a good countertop grill unit that can cook your food a lot like an outdoor grill. Look for an indoor grill that keeps the juicy and tender flavor alive and never let your food dry.

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 Smoky Seasoning: You can use some smoked paprika and sea salt to marinade the meat or vegetables to grill. It can be a great supplement for your usual paprika and salt. Also, you can use it for seasoning. Smoky Barbecue Sauce: Use some extra smoky barbecue sauce to bring the flavor to you food.

 Grill Some Bacon: A very simple trick to bring the smoky flavor into your food is grilling some fat before putting the food inside it. You can use few slices of bacon and let some leftover melted fat get burnt inside your indoor grill. Now put the food into you indoor grill and get the awesome smoky flavor. Just make sure you do not burn the fat too much.

Smoking Gun: If you love the smoky flavors of outdoor grill you can use a smoking gun. It will produce much less smoke than an outdoor grill but will taste just like it. The most amazing part is this device is very small, handy and easily controllable.

Liquid Smoke: You can use Liquid Smoke to bring the smoky flavors in your food. Just use it while you marinade your food and then grill with your indoor grill. You can also add it with your sauce. Just a small amount of liquid smoke will bring you the taste of an outdoor grill.

 Just Like Outdoor Grill: Cook the way you have cooked with an outdoor grill. Carefully look out the temperature and time. A good barbecue recipe is always better for a preparation.

 Contact or open Grill? Both of these smokeless indoor grills have advantages of cooking. An Open Grill is just like an outdoor grill. You can flip or easily check the temperature of the food with it. Add extra oil or sauce while grilling. On the other hand, Contact Grills keep the smokeinside and let the smoky flavor get into the food. It also takes small time than usual as it cooks the both side at a time. In terms of flavor, a contact grill is more preferable.

Keep patience: If you are using a contact grill make sure you don’t open it to check whether the food is done. It will simply keep losing the heat and smoke and make your food dry.

 Preheat Properly: Before putting the food inside your open indoor grill, make sure you preheat it properly. 5 minutes preheat can bring you perfectly grilled food. Also before putting the food inside the grill, brush some oil at the surface.

So, these are the easy and open secrets to make your smokeless indoor grill just like an outdoor unit. You can easily bring the tasty tender smoky flavor into your food by following these rules.

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