Top Electric & Smokeless Indoor Barbecue Grill Reviews 2017

Are you trying to find the best indoor grill on the market? Well, you can choose the best grills among the products below. I’m presenting all the information about the electric indoor grills so that you can differentiate them and choose by your needs and preferences. You will be able to see the difference among the best ones in the market and the average ones. If you want to see the difference and comparison among the top 5 products, click here.

While choosing the top quality indoor grill, most people prefer the ones that give a taste of an outdoor grill and are easy to use inside the home. Brands like Cuisinart, George Foreman, Delonghi, Hamilton Beach have built their products in such a way that you will love the experience of using them.

People do not always get the option for outdoor grilling. You need a right place and beautiful weather. So it is better to have an electric option in your house which you can use anytime you want to. We have given some quality smokeless indoor grill reviews that will help to fulfill your needs and preferences. You will be surprised by how your friends and family will love the food that you prepare.

Top 5 Indoor Electric Grills

After extensive testing by our review team, we have decided the following 5 are the best electric grills currently available on the market. If you are in a hurry & don't want to spend time reading our comprehensive reviews, then this list is going to be a real time saver for you!

1. ​Cuisinart GR-4N 5 in 1 Griddler

2. Delonghi BG24 Perfecto Indoor Grill​

​3. George Foreman GGR50B Indoor/Outdoor Grill

4. T-fal GC702D OptiGrill Stainless Steel Indoor Electric Grill​

5. Breville Smart Grill BGR820XL​

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Top 5 Indoor Grill Comparison

Best Indoor Grill Reviews

#1  Cuisinart Indoor Grill - GR-4N 5 in 1 Griddler

Cuisinart GR-4N indoor electric grill is by far the best one on the market. It gives you five cooking options in one countertop grill (check the best countertop indoor grill here)

The design of the grill is very robust. The self-adjusting cover will determine the thickness of your food. You can use the grill as a contact grill, panini press, full grill, full griddle or half grill/half griddle.

These options give you the chance of preparing different types of dishes. The sturdy panini-style handle and the floating cover make the grill so much easier to use.

Cuisiart Indoor Grill

While using the adjustable temperature, you can have your meal the way you want. This Cuisinart indoor grill is very sturdy, easy to use and you will get delicious foods after cooking.

The cooking surface of this grill is 200 square inches. If you have a bigger family and want a larger surface, then you can go for George Foreman GGR50B.


  • This indoor electric grill gives you five cooking options in one countertop grill
  • The floating cover will adjust the thickness of your food
  • “Griddle”, “Selector”, “Grill panini” functions will let you cook the way you want
  • The plates of this inside grill can be easily removed and easily cleaned
  • It has an indicator light which will let you know if it is ready to cook


  • Short cord
  • Small cooking area for a big family

Cuisinart indoor grills has always been successful to satisfy the customers with their products. This particular inside grill will do the same to you. You will love the whole experience after cooking with this indoor grill. I highly recommend this product for them who loves indoor grilling. And Cuisinart will always be the best one in indoor grill reviews.

#2  Delonghi Indoor Grill - BG24 Perfecto 

Delonghi BG24 indoor electric grill is one of the best grills because of its fully embedded grill plate heating element. It will distribute the heat evenly all over your food. You will not find any cold spot or too hot spot in your food.

The highest temperature of the Delonghi indoor grill is 450°F which is enough to cook any kind of food. It does not show the exact temperature in Fahrenheit, instead you get to control the temperature level between 1 to 5. 

Delonghi Indoor Grill

Check this indoor grill with temperature control with Fahrenheit.

The beautiful tempered glass lid will make your food juicy and tender. The grill is big enough to cook for your family. The unique feature of this indoor electric grill is that it has an adjustable thermostat. You can remove the thermostat while cleaning the inside grill. It can be easily joined again. The whole thing is very easy to clean. If you put some water in the drip tray, then it will not create smoke which is a very attractive feature.

This product is skillet style. If you want a clamshell style grill then go for Breville Smart Grill. You can get a full comparison of these products' features from here


  • The plates are built with fully embedded heating element
  • The thermostat is detachable and adjustable
  • The plates are nonstick and easy to cleanIt has a beautiful glass lid which makes the food juicy
  • The price is very reasonable with all these features


  • The temperature setting does not show the temperature in Fahrenheit
  • The cord is short

Delonghi Indoor Grill is famous for evenly cooking and for the juicy flavor it gives to the food. Your family will never complain about the taste of the food you made by this indoor electric grill. You are getting one of the best products in the market within a very cheap price.

#3 George Foreman Indoor Outdoor Grill - GGR50B

George Foreman Indoor Outdoor Grill is the most unique grill in the market. You can use it inside or outside your home. It comes with a long pedestal which is very unique. You can also use it as a countertop grill inside your home. The grill can be easily removed from the pedestal. Another attractive feature of this inside grill is that it has a huge cooking space. That's why you can cook with it at one batch for your whole family.

The cooking surface is about 240 square inches which are the largest cooking area among all indoor grills. If you want a smaller grill which will perfectly adjust with your kitchen, then go for George Foreman GPR99.

Indoor bbq grill

The grill also contains a beautiful high domed vented lid which will make your food juicy and keep your food warm. The temperature function doesn’t show the temperature in Fahrenheit. But it is very easy to use. The plates are nonstick and can be cleaned in a breeze. The whole thing is very nicely designed and easy to use.

This grill doesn't have digital display, you can check out Hamilton Beach 25331 indoor grill


  • The electric indoor grill comes with a long sturdy pedestal in which you can put the grill and cook
  • You can use it as an indoor or outdoor grill
  • The cooking surface is huge and you can cook various kinds of foods at once
  • It has a beautiful high domed glass lid which helps to give your food a juicy flavor
  • Plates are nonstick so very easy to use
  • The plates have a sloping curve so that the grease stores in the drip tray


  • A little heavy
  • The short cord can be a pain while using outside

The George Foreman indoor grill is very unique among the grills. No other grill comes with a pedestal. The price is also very reasonable comparing with the features. As you can cook different kinds of foods at once, you will love the experience of George Foreman. Just give it a try!

#4  T-fal Indoor Electric Grill - GC702D OptiGrill 

With the T-fal GC702D indoor electric grill, you will not have to work hard. Just choose what you want to cook and the rest of the work will be done by this inside grill. This indoor electric grill has 6 cooking programs (Burgers, poultry, sandwiches, sausages, red meat, and fish) and 2 cooking modes (frozen foods and manual). By the six cooking programs, all you have to do is to put your food on the grill plate and choose the function.

T-fal doesn't have any temperature control. But products like Breville BGR820XL and George Foreman GRP99 both have temperature control and digital display with them. You can compare them here!

Indoor Electric Grill


  • It has six cooking options and two cooking modes
  • The sensor adapts the cooking time by the thickness of the food
  • The manual mode lets you cook the way you want
  • You can have your food the way you want (rare, medium or well-done).
  • The indicator light will let you know when your cooking is done
  • Easy to use and easy to clean


  • If you cannot use the functions properly then it goes to manual function automatically
  • The angled drip tray sometimes create mess in the kitchen

The smart sensor of the T-fal indoor grill will automatically adapt the cooking time with the thickness of your food. You can also choose how you want your food (rare, medium or well-done). It will beep and let you know if your cooking is done. The product is so smartly built that you will fall in love with it. Another indoor grill which is very smartly build is Cuisinart GR-150 Griddler.

If you want a skillet style grill rather than clamshell style, then you can go for Delonghi BG24 Perfecto Indoor Grill.

#5  Breville Smart Grill - BGR820XL

Breville Smart Grill BGR820XL is another indoor electric grill that has so many features in it. Its element IQ technology makes it different from other indoors in the market. The hit sensors embedded in the grill plates compensate for the temperature drop when any cold food is put in the surface. So it takes less time to cook food and adjust with any kind of temperature. T-fal GV702 OptiGrill also has this heat sensor function, but it works differently.

Breville indoor grills are always made very smartly. The high temperature of 450°F is enough to cook your food completely. If you want more temperature then go for Hamilton Beach 25331 which gives a temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Breville Smart Grill

The best feature of the Breville Smart Grill is it has six different adjustable heights. You can use the plates as grill or griddle. The cooking surface is about 260 square inches when it is opened all the way flat. It comes with a digital display and a timer. This indoor grill is very easy to use and clean.


  • It has the unique element IQ technology
  • Heat sensors help to recover the temperature instantly when any cold food is put in the grill plate.
  • It gives a huge cooking surface so that you can cook for your whole family.
  • Plates and drip tray are easily removed and easy to clean
  • It contains a digital display and a timer


  • This grill only comes with two plates. You may have to buy additional two plates if you want to use it as a full grill or full griddle.
  • Expensive

Breville BGR820XL indoor electric grill is well known for its smart design. The whole thing will give an elegance look to your kitchen. And with all these magnificent functions, you will be able to cook anything you want. The price is a bit high. But you will definitely get what you are paying for. You will love indoor grilling with Breville.

If you want a smart indoor grill which is cheaper than Breville, then you can go for our best product Cuisinart GR-150 Griddler.

Best Indoor Grill by Brands

Many famous brands like George Foreman, Cuisinart, Hamilton Beach etc. are creating a competition in the market by giving their best products. Some brands are focusing on giving the best taste. Again some of them are focusing how easily an indoor grill can be used. Some of them are creating different functions with new technology. Among many indoor grill reviews, I’ve focused on mainly seven brands. These seven brands have created their position for making the best indoor electric grill. I’m going to suggest you the best products by their brands.

Cuisinart Indoor Grill

The best product of Cuisinart is Cuisinart GR-4N 5 in 1 Griddler. Its price is very reasonable and there are so many functions in this indoor electric grill. There is another indoor grill of Cuisinart I’ve suggested in the top 10 products. It is Cuisinart GR-150 Griddler. It will also give you some good features. But Cuisinart GR-4N 5 in 1 is easier to use as well as cheaper in price. So far GR-4N is the best grill of Cuisinart Brand.

Cuisinart Indoor Grill

Delonghi Indoor Grill

Delonghi BG24 Perfecto Indoor Grill Review

Delonghi is also a well known brand for making home appliances. It has made an awesome indoor grill for your regular use. So far the best product of Delonghi is Delonghi BG-24 Perfecto indoor grill. It cooks a perfectly juicy, tender meal which you and your family will love.

Hamilton Beach Indoor Grill

Hamilton Beach has always been successful to satisfy customers. I’ve suggested two indoor grills. Hamilton Beach 25360 and Hamilton Beach 25331. Both of them work very beautifully. Hamilton Beach 25360 is more expensive than 25331. But it also gives you more satisfaction. I prefer Hamilton Beach 25360 over any other grill from Hamilton Beach.

Hamilton Beach Indoor Grill

George Foreman Indoor Grill

Indoor bbq grill

George Foreman always tries to bring something new in the market. They always try to be different from other brands. Two products of them is very famous for indoor grilling. Those are George Foreman GGR50B Indoor/Outdoor Grill and George Foreman GRP99. The first one is the most unique one in the market. Its price is very reasonable and It works perfectly for a big family. The second one is also different from others by its digital display and timer. But I suggest George Foreman GGR0B indoor/outdoor grill. You will have a great experience by grilling with it.

T-fal Indoor Grill

T-fal has brought a new level in indoor grilling by their magnificent T-fal GC702D OptiGrill Stainless Steel Indoor Electric Grill. It has a beautiful and smart control by which you have to work less while grilling. It works so smartly that you will love this product while using it. It is the best grill by T-fal so far.

Breville Indoor Grill

Breville Smart Grill BGR820XL review

Breville is another brand which always has given the customers their best service. Breville Smart Grill BGR820XL is the best grill they have made so far. It is the most expensive one among all indoor grills I’ve suggested. But it has also the best functions so far. You will definitely get what you are paying for.

West Bend Indoor Grill

West Bend 6111 Heart Smart Indoor Grill is a very good grill from West Bend. It is very smartly built and the price is reasonable. You can surely give it a try for you indoor grilling experience.

West Band 6111

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Indoor Grill by Price

I’ve suggested the best products among indoor grill reviews by price. You can see the features and compare the top 5 products in the comparison table.

Best Indoor Grill Under $300

If you are trying to find the best product and price is not a big concern for you then go for Breville Smart Grill BGR820XL. It has so many unique functions. It contains a digital display, timer, temperature control. No other product will give you the magnificent element IQ technology and heat sensor. You will be very satisfied after buying this indoor grill. If you pay more, you will get more for sure. Breville Smart Grill is the best grill under $300.

Breville Smart Grill BGR820XL

Best Indoor Grill Under $200

The best indoor grill under $200 is T-fal GC702D OptiGrill Stainless Steel Indoor Electric Grill. It has some functions which will let you have the best result. It has 6 cooking programs and 2 cooking modes. You can either set in which program you want to cook or you can cook manually.

Its unique sensor sets the cooking time by the thickness of the food. Yes! The grill is that smartly built. All you will have to do is to choose what you will cook. The rest of the work will be done for you. T-fal GC702D OptiGrill is the best indoor electric grill under $200 in the market.

Indoor Electric Grill

Best Indoor Grill Under $100

Cuisinart GR-4N 5 in 1 Griddler is the best indoor electric grill under $100 and it is the best indoor grill among my suggestions. The whole experience of indoor grilling by Cuisinart GR-4N has always been awesome. It will give you the best features you need for indoor grilling under $100.

The magnificent indoor BBQ grill contains basic features like adjustable temperature, nonstick plates, floating hinge, cooking function selector. You are getting all these features under $100. What else do you need for indoor grilling? So if you are finding the best product under $100 then go for Cuisinart GR-4N 5 in 1 griddler.

Best Indoor Grill 2016

How To Find The Best Indoor Grill In The Market

Before you choose an indoor grill, make sure it has all the features that will help you to have a nice experience of indoor grilling.

1. The Cooking Surface: Before buying an indoor grill, check how large the cooking surface is. It is the first thing I suggest while giving indoor grill reviews. If you have a big family, then you must have a grill which is over 200 square inches. Some of the grills in the market can be opened all the way flat while grilling.

Those indoor grills will give you a huge space for cooking. If you have a 2-3-person family, then you can go for the indoor grills which are under 200 square inches. It also depends on the size of your kitchen. If you have a small kitchen and don’t have enough space for a 250 square inches’ indoor grill, then go for the smaller ones. The choice is up to you.

George Foreman GGR50B Indoor Outdoor Grill Space

George Foreman GGR50B has the largest cooking surface among all the indoor grills. You can check the other features of this product here.

2. The Taste of Grilled Foods: It is not possible for an indoor grill the exact same taste as an outdoor grill. But you can a get a delicious taste which will taste a lot like outdoor grill. You must avoid those indoor grills which will make your food dry and hard. Choose those indoor grills which will give you a juicy and tender flavor.

Indoor Grill Recipe
Indoor Grill Recipe
Indoor Grill Recipe

Cuisinart and George Foreman indoor grills has always been the best in their taste. They create a juicy and tender flavor in your food.

3. Grill Plates: Check if the grill plates are non stick and dishwasher safe. If the plates are not nonstick, then you will find them very difficult to wash. Check if the indoor grill contains a drip tray. If it doesn’t have a drip tray then your kitchen will be messy with the oil and grease. So you must check if there is a drip tray and go for those indoor grills which will offer you nonstick and dishwasher safe plates.

Cuisinart GR-150 Griddler 3

4. Temperature: You will need a high temperature to grill your food. Usually you will get the best result at 425 or 450 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Hamilton Beach 25331

So go for the products which will give you the highest temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Most of the products have a temperature of at low to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you need more temperature, then go for Hamilton Beach 25331. It will give you the highest temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

5. Clamshell Grills or Skillet Style Grills: Clamshell grills are very easy to use but harder to clean than skillet style grills. Clamshell gives you the chance of cooking both side of the food at the same time. On the other hand, you have to flip your food like outdoor grills.

Best Indoor Grill 2016

Clamshell Grill

Delonghi Indoor Grill

Skillet Style Grill

Skillet style indoor grills will give you juicier flavor. Again clamshell grills will cook your food evenly on the both sides. The choice is up to you as both of them give a great output result.

The best product under clamshell grill is Cuisinart GR-4N Griddler and the best product under skillet style grill is Delonghi BG24 Perfecto Indoor Grill.

Some Suggestions For Your Favorite Indoor Grill

Preheat: Before using you must preheat your grill for some minutes (For most of the grills). It totally depends on the indoor grill how much time it will take to be preheated. Some takes 5 minutes and some takes 10 minutes. Then put your food in the grill. If you are confused about the whole process, then read the manual of your grill.

Cleaning Up: Cleaning up is an easy part if the grill plates are non stick and dishwasher safe. After cooking let the grill cool down for 1 hour. Then take a wet cloth and remove all the dirt from it. If it doesn’t come easily, then let it soak for some minutes. The dirt and oil will come off easily. Another option is to use dishwasher. After cooking, you can simply put your plates in the dishwasher after getting cold.

Cleaning Hamilton Beach 25360

Cooking: If you want to get the best result out of your indoor grill, then follow the instructions it gives you in their manual. Some products also give a recipe book with them. You will get the best result if you follow them.

Indoor Grill Recipe


Outdoor grilling needs a good place and a nice weather. It is also a bit expensive. Everyone doesn’t get the chance to use an outdoor grill always. So it is better to have an indoor BBQ grill inside your house. You will be able to grill delicious foods for your friends and family. Some of the famous brands like George Foreman, Cuisinart, Hamilton Beach and many more have made it possible to give you a great experience of grilling inside your house. These 10 products are the best products in indoor grill reviews. You surely will have a nice experience while using these products.