Top 10 Indoor grilling Tips

Grillin Tips:

Most of the people thinks that grilling is an outdoor thing. But people who live in an apartment can not afford to do outdoor grilling because they don’t have any outdoor space. But with the help of an indoor grill, you can make delicious barbecue, grills indoor or inside your home. You can get the exact look and taste of the backyard grilling if you follow some tips. Here I am going to describe you the tips of indoor grilling:

1. Get a Grill Pan: It is advised to choose a cast-iron grilling pan, instead of the panini style pan or else. The cast-iron grill pan is designed to keep the heat for a longer period. This will help you to get the perfect grilling marks on the food which will make the food look more appealing.


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2. Get the Essential Tools for grilling: There are a few tools that can make your grilling easy and will also help you to get the perfect grilling taste in indoor grilling. The tools are given below:

  • A tong to flip the grilling items on the grilling pan
  • A heavy duty spatula to flip the sensitive fish or the steaks
  • A pastry brush to grease the food on the grilling pan
  • A heavy duty brush to keep the grill clean
  • Vegetable oil for grilling. This contains less flavor that can change the food taste

3. Preheat the Pan: If you want your food to taste same like the outdoor grilling, then you have to preheat the pan properly. Get the pan and preheat it in the oven for about 3o minutes on 375 degrees. When you are using an indoor grill for grilling, you have to remember that you only grease the food, not the pan. You put the pan on the heat until it starts to smoke. Then just put your food to grill and have a great grilling result.

4. Get the 45 degrees angled grill marks: To get the professional look, you just have to get the food 45 degrees angled and grill for 2-3 minutes. Then just flip it, put the same side 90 degrees rotation and place it on 45 degrees angled for 2-3 minutes. You don’t have to do the other side because it will be faced down.

5. Keep the smoke in control: To keep the smoke in control you just have to put a minimum range of oil and sauce on the pan. This will help to get the food flavor perfect.

6. Don’t Turn the food before it’s done: There is normal tendency to flip the food over and over before it’s done. This makes the food unevenly cooked and sometimes fall apart. You also have to be careful about marinating the food. If you over marinate the food then you might make the food fall apart and tough.

7. Add smoke flavored sauce to get the outdoor taste: The indoor grill can not provide you the woodsy flavour of the wooden charcoal. To get that flavor you have to add smoke flavoured or wooden flavoured sauce to make the food taste same like the outdoor grilling.

8. Get the perfect sized food to grill: You cook the food perfectly you have to get the perfect size of the food. Otherwise, it will not be cooked perfectly.

9. Check the temperature of the food: To know the food is cooked perfectly, you have to check the temperature of the food. The temparure will tell you if its ready or not.


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10. Let the food rest for 5 to 10 minutes: When the food is ready let it rest for 5 to 10 minutes in the pan. It will help the food to redistribute the juices of the food to all the places.

If you manage to make sure that you can maintain the steps, you will get the perfect indoor grilling result. The taste of the food will be the same as the outdoor grilled food.

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